Photography has been my passion since my childhood days. During the 1960’s, photographs were still in black & white. Our cameras were no more then a plastic box with a fixed plastic lens with 3 aperture controls Indoor, cloudy & sunny and focusing also 3 controls – one human figure, 3 human figures & mountain mean close range, mid range and long range. And every snap counts, it cost money because of the negative films that we have to install it before we can shoot. We develop our own pictures and using our darkroom techniques we create our work. Those were the days. I guess I have come a long way. With today’s technology, judgement of quality & value has changed. It is not how long you have been in the industry but how fast you have learn the new technology. How much time and effort you have put in to learn the new tricks of the latest softwares and apps. We have mastered the latest editing softwares over the years. And with the combination of experience of photography and software expertise, a unique kind of photography has emerged under the brand name of Idolhunter Production with a wizardary magic touch making sure that every picture is a work of art. That is our aim and commitment.


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