a bride from Sitakunda, Chittagong, Bangladesh

bride sitakundaI guess you can say, it was an experiment, a test to see what it feels like to do something for no apparent reasons. Doing something without any thought of gains, wanting nothing in return. I have been wanting to do something like this for sometime. Just waiting for the opportunity or the chance. That fine day came when my driver came up to me and said, he wants to take a off day to attend a wedding of a distant cousin.

An adventure into a village in Sitakunda, Chittagong to capture a village wedding ceremony. It was the holud night of a bride. It took us 3 hours to reach the destination from the city of Chittagong. It’s not the distance but the traffic jams in the main road and also stopping to ask for directions. Upon reaching, the roads became smaller and smaller until there was no road, we parked the car and walk into the village where the event was held. As usual, I was greeted with stares from everyone “why is a foreigner coming to this event”. I have been to many weddings since I came to Bangladesh, I have been and seen some of the best weddings ceremonies in Dhaka & Chittagong city. Now I just want to see what it is really like in the village. So the opportunity came when my driver told me about a village wedding he wish to attend, I followed… 🙂

a village bride

a village bride

We are so used to our luxurious lifestyle at home and therefore it is a stark comparison to see with our own eyes how tough life is over here in Bangladesh especially the poor farmers. As you can see in the photos, not a single piece of jewellery on her body accept for a small tiny pin on her nose. Knowing the fact that Bengalis are so fond of gold and ornaments and to be without any on such a big day is a sad thing. In replacement of such extravagance, flowers are use instead to make the night bright and lively. Bright colour dress change the mood of the ordinary and loud music fills the air, creating a vibrant silent night.

Before the bride heads to center stage, there was a small ceremony in the mud hut. Family members

holud ceremony

holud ceremony

and close relatives  would sit around a plate of rice with a fried chicken, some beefs and eggs. Each of them would take turns to eat from the same plate, sometime feeding each other and one group after another would take turn to sit around and eat from that plate.

1241_414776761935908_2042965813_nI took part in the ceremony too. Like a family member, I did what the rest of the relative and family members did. We share food from the same plate.

For more reading and photos, click this  link 

in return for their hospitality, I present this photo of the bride in 8R format and framed. Under the circumstance of poor lighting conditions (1 floresant lamp), I think it is one of my best shots of a bride, usiing an LED battery operated light.

a special gift from idolhunter with all my gratitude for the opportunity to experience. 🙂

a 11x14 framed photo for the experience

a 11×14 framed photo for the experience


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