My Chinese Pomfret Curry

Chinese pomfret curry

Chinese pomfret curry

Proud to say, I’m one of the founders of this special dish. Founder as in one of the few privileged customers who initiated and supported the dish by eating at his restaurant almost everyday for breakfast & lunch. A lot of things in life, I have learned and experienced, some of them illogical but sometimes they work out to be the best things. When prices are high, we should lower it. That’s the logical path or decision to consider but instead we did the opposite. The shop is known as “Ah Leng’s Bak Kut Teh. Well, if you intend to taste this delicious spicy dish, just tell the ‘tuk tuk’ the above name and they will take you to the restaurant. It all started some 15 or maybe 20 years ago, this restaurant was not doing good. Just surviving and getting by. The shop was a rented side corner shop on the fringe of the city centre of Hatyai. Well, unless you have something good about your restaurant, people would remember, people would come again and again. But there was nothing special about the restaurant. Those days, he was serving only black pomfret curry, Bak Kut Teh, some vegetable dishes & ducks. Some days, the taste of the fish was not good, due to freshness, some days when the stock are fresh, the curry tasted good. Prices of fish keeps going up and people are complaining that it was expensive.

A move that changes everything… our group of friends being fish merchants, we sourced the best quality fish, the chinese promfret and gave it to him. We told him, just cook for us, forget about the price of the fish, cook your best with this fresh quality fish. Wow… the taste was delicious and everyday we wanted more., we came up with difference species of fish & different kind of cooking styles. Everyday we can’t wait to see what next. It was a success, the system worked. Quality freshness, coupled with his good cooking techniques , a new brand of quality food was churning out. Our group of patrons grew as we entertain our clients in this restaurant with pride. And needless to say, from mouth to mouth, the news spread far and wide within the country and internationally  even up to China & Indonesia. Price became a forgotten issue, infact it was the other way around, the higher the price the better the feeling of pride that we have entertain you the client to a special  expensive quality restaurant.

And the rest is history. Until today, the restaurant serves only breakfast and lunch. Our friend the cook has past away, but the quality and tradition carried on. This is the one shop where nobody talks about price. Just serve your best dish !!!


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